Saturday, January 24, 2004

Evangelicals and funerals

I just got back from a memorial service for a long time member of my church. As the associate my role in these things is minimal. That is actually a good thing as I hate funerals. Anyway the service was great; people shared their memories of Dan. He was a music teacher, big band leader, church member, a truly joyful Christian. The service had gone about an hour and 15 minutes when my boss the senior pastor started to give his "devotion." He proceeded to give a 15 or twenty minute sermon on how we must accept Christ. It was full of BS like just accept and just believe, and we must accept Christ to go to heaven. Then he prayed the "God convict these people" prayer. In my opinion this mindset of lay it on them when they are morning sucks big piles of cow s***. Is emotional manipulation the only way for people to come to faith? Why do preachers think we need to say anything? Can't we let the person's life speak for itself? But hey I hate funerals maybe evangelicals are partly why.


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