Tuesday, January 06, 2004

On Christmas

As it says in my header I am an officer (pastor) in TSA. As a result Christmas is a very busy time in our lives. Those of you who are part of TSA understand this others do not. Here in Redondo Beach during Christmas we gathered and distributed over 1000 toys distributed over 200 food boxes and raised about $52,000 during our 5 week annual Red Kettle campaign. In comparison to many corps (SA churches) our Christmas was small.

Every year about this time I ask myself; Was it worth it? Is it worth the twelve hour days six days a week? Is it worth the stress that I put my body through trying to figure out all the logistics, let alone the very real thing called if we don’t raise the money we’ll close down? Is it all worth it? In answering this I ask another question; Why do we do this thing called Christmas? Is there a better way to do it?

People come it
People go out
Can’t remember a name
Or even a face
People come in
People go out

They get their toys
They get their food
Some believe they’re entitled
Some just say thanks
People come in
People go out

What’s the point?
They walk out the door
No name, No Face,
People come in
People go out

What's the point
There only a stat
Why bother with a name
Why can't I remember a face
People come in
People go out


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