Sunday, January 18, 2004


As I said there was some great team work. When we worked as a team we were very successful. However when we tried the "everyone do their own thing" approach we got killed very fast. 1 or 2 might survive but most were killed. I think there might be a lesson in it.

When we go off by ourselves trying to make our own way we get killed mutilated and destroyed mentally and spiritually if not physically. When we work together some may be lost but we will succeed in the end. Maybe succeeding is simply living and surviving, but apart from the team, surviving becomes an impossibility. Maybe the team is the goal. So, what can we do to build teams? I do not believe talking is enough.

Also, in a team I must give up my authority and my views of what we should do, the team must decide. Too often we look for what we want. "If you don't agree with me I don't want you on my team." Disagreements will happen, we must use those to learn and build the team. In the end the team is better then the loan wolf.


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