Friday, January 16, 2004

Power Failure part 3

The author argued for something very interesting. His premise is that while many practices have been eroded by technology one has not. He calls these communities of celebration. He uses three examples repeatedly; street musicians, tennis and church. As opposed to football or the Olympics which have become "consumable commodities." These communities come together not out of some cause or work but these are voluntary associations where people come together to celebrate either music, the sport of tennis, or Christ's death and resurrection or God's activity in Life. He argues that these celebrations revolve around a real tangible thing i.e. the body of believers. Then he gets interesting, while arguing that there should be public support of community celebrations, in the form of covered areas for street musicians, or community (free) tennis courts, he argues that there should be public support of religious celebrations. He was too philosophical and not story bound enough to convince me. So I ask you should the public support religious celebrations with money or infrastructure?


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