Wednesday, January 21, 2004

This and that

Well I finished Power Failure over the weekend. I came away with a pounding headache. If you have never read intense philosophy do not pick up this book. He had a good point though. We should not automatically accept technological advances. Not every advance is good. I got the sense that he was a bit nostalgic about the past. He wants a world where we have diner time and everyone in the family comes together. That doesn't do much for me on a daily basis. However I see his point in using meals to celebrate as a community. Unfortunately Power Failure also comes off as Anglo centric. He actually argues that western Anglo culture is actually the worlds dominate culture. (I am not in the mood to look up the page number.) Maybe because it is dominate for him. If he moved to LA he might have a different perspective. I Love LA I can eat all the Mexican food I want, and its pretty damn good. My point is that there is NO DOMINATE CULTURE.

On another note I started reading some light reading that is spiritually and intellectually more challenging. I started reading Stories of Emergence. Mostly because its Mike Yaconelli's last book. He wrote the first chapter about his life as a pastor it almost brought me to tears. What hit me is that community is what I am searching for. A place to be me a crazy sometimes insane theologian who loves God and his/her Kingdom. I have read about five of the stories each one has hit me. Spencer's ( hit me equally. Giving up the prestige of the pastorate to hang out with artists and help us fellow travelers on our journey. I think the most impactful thing is that these are stories real peoples stories, fellow travelers like me and you. Pick it up if you haven't read it.

This morning I had a meeting with the residents at our senior living complex about a new computer lab that we are getting from a grant. It lasted about an hour and I tried to answer questions and get input. After I went on a walk to get some lunch and try to think out my sermon (didn't happen) I wondered by the library and picked up a few used books. I got back and was accosted by the budget. The senior pastor has given me the task to figure out this mess that we are in because no one has been paying any attention to what is going on. So after an hour and a half and a headache I came home with a question does anything I am doing really matter? Is it of any use other then a job that pays the bills? I'm a pastor what does that mean? I occasionally preach and I give some sort of guidance to a small group of Jr Highers. So what? Is it worth the headache? Is it worth the sleepless night trying to figure out something honest to say though I could throw a three point BS sermon together and everyone would be happy except me and God.

The status quo really pisses me off. And yet nothing will change at the church until June when moves come and who knows what will happen. Until then I live with my inability to change the status quo.

O well, may God give us all strength on our journeys.


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