Saturday, January 03, 2004


In the postmodern world metaphores speak more powerfully then matter of fact truth claims. In my current position I am burdened with the task of speaking/preaching in a way that is true to my being as well as a way in which communicates truth to an older (mostly over 65) congregation. Thus my sermons have taken on a life I was never taught at CCU or at The Salvarion Army (TSA) training college (pastoral training school).

Tomorrow I will be delivering a sermon on God as water. We are spending the month talking about Renewal. I started thinking about water being the primary source of renewal for all of creation. Without water all things die. Yet the very thing that causes and brings back life (reclaiming a desert) can also be that which causes death and destruction. This was made very evident in the recent floods here in California.

So, if God is water (a metaphore used throught scripture to discribe God and what God does) and water causes both Renewal and Destruction, what does this say about God? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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