Monday, February 16, 2004

Habits of the mind and the Image of God

Sire presents the argument "what we know is what we do" Action and knowledge are inseparable. We can not believe that something is truth if we live like it is not. Thus he gives a description of this process of discovering truth, holiness.

So first of all, to be holy is to be set apart for God's service. And second, to be holy is to be characterized by the character of God-that is by the image of God in which he made us. To the extent that we are in God's image, we are holy. When the word became flesh himself, he showed us what that image of God is like in its fullest expression. To have a passion for holiness then is to have a passion to be like Christ.

Since we find ourselves even at our best to be only broken images of God, we are in a fix we cannot fix. If we are to be fixed, it will be God who fixes us. And he does. But he does this not just by redeeming us through us through the death and resurrection of Jesus but through restoring us into his image." (90)

What role did Christ's death and resurrection play in restoring the Image of God in Followers? In those who don't knowing follow? Those who claim to follow but do not? Those who are in outright rebellion against God.


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