Tuesday, February 10, 2004

New Book

I'm reading a new book. Habits of the Mind is written by James Sire. So far its an interesting book. It afirms the call of being a Christian intelectual. He spends some time looking at John Henry Newman as a classic intelectual. He quotes a bit much especially Newman, I don't read 19th century writting very well. I thought Sire's definition of an intelectual was very insightful.

An intelectual is one who loves ideas, is dedicated to clarifying them, developing them, criticizing them, turning them over and over, seeing there implications, stacking them on top of one another, arranging them, sitting silent while new ideas pop up and old ones seem to rearrange themselves, playing with them, punning with thier terminology, laughing at them, watching them cash, picking up the pieces, starting over, judging them, withholding judgment about them, changing them, brining them into contact with thier counterparts in other systems of thought, inviting them to dine and have a ball but also suiting them for service in workaday life.

A Christian Intellectual is all of the above to the glory of God.

Do you fit this definition? Are you an intellectual? Are you a Christian Intellectual?

I think therfore I am


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