Saturday, February 14, 2004

Praiseworks and the Court of Gentiles

Tolani is not feeling well today, Valentines day of all days. Oh well, so tonight I went to praiseworks. Praiseworks started about 8 years ago at a Salvation Army church in Orange County. It started meeting on Saturday night. A small group of people dedicated to worshiping God and becoming a community. They struggled to grow and many changes took place over the years. I started going a couple years ago in search of real people in a place of phoniness. I found a small community of people desperately trying to seek God. A year ago we moved into our building and really started to take shape as a more organized community. My attendance has been sporadic the last couple months because of Christmas and stuff. But everytime I go back I see more people. Many come a Salvation Army Drug and Alcohol recovery center nearby. Many though are young families. It is becoming a place where everyone is accepted for who they are. It hit me tonight I stand in a court of gentiles. It doesn't matter who you are or you past, whether you are wealthy or you just got out of prison. Everyone is accepted. Invited to join on the journey. And many are joining. I felt tonight, though I can not describe why, as if the Holy of Holies had come from behind the curtain and set itself down in the Court of Gentiles. The presence of God met the seekers of God. I wish I had words to describe what I felt. I took of my sandals for I was standing on Holy ground.

Its not easy to build a court of Gentiles. It takes time. We must not give up, God is moving, God is in our midst. Build the communities take the time, love each other even the faults. God help us all build these Courts of Gentiles.


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