Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Its been a while. This weekend was diner theater as the college. My wife was acting and I got roped into helping so it was a long weekend.

Last Wednesday we took the afternoon and went to Disneyland. Passes are great. Anyway, our way from inoventions we saw the bus recruiting for volunteers to walk in the nightly parade. So, T wanted too so I got dressed up in a too-too (spelling? That ballerina thing). Yes there are pictures somewhere. I was supposed to be dancing but you know how that went.

Anyway, lately I have been struggling with the question, does anything I am doing matter? I have yet to come to an answer. I am writing from a new computer lab that we have for the seniors. I suppose my involvement will get this thing rolling. But in general does it matter? If I do not do anything would anyone notice? Would anyone care? So I prayed this prayer last night.

Where am I going

Does anyone care

I don't doubt your existence

Sometimes I just doubt mine.

Sometimes I just get frustrated because I spend all these hours and I don't know whether it means anything at all.


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