Sunday, February 22, 2004

This weekend

So this weekend my wife and I went to San Diego on a retreat. We visited the SA's Kroc Center. It is YMCA on steroids. Many more of them will be built it the future thanks to Joan Kroc. The administrators told us the one thing she wanted to see in these centers is opportunity. They should give people opportunity.

But over the course of the weekend I learned somethings about myself. First, I do not trying new things. I have to analyze new things before I do them. It also takes a lot of convincing for me to try new things. I learn primarily trough discussion and argument. Most people I think, do not learn like that. I think it relates to the intellectual side. My answer is always no until I think over things. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes other times weeks. The greater the risk the longer I think. I have to get better though at expressing his and not giving an immediate answer of no. I must start to say "let me think about it." Marriage is a great thing it teaches me about myself more then I get to know my wife. Knowing myself helps me know her. To know myself enables me to know my wife.


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