Thursday, February 26, 2004


I don't really like being a boss even though I can do it. Its wearing on me.

Life is getting better though. I still have no desire to read but slowly my mind is starting to work. I am slowly begining to think. Thinking about life and chuch and stuff is really what defines me. Dwight on his blog has been doing some thinking about "unity without uniformity." This is what I am seeking. It's pretty much my dream to be communities where we are unified without all looking or acting or thinking the same. It takes time to build these friendships. I don't do this easy. It takes me a very long time to build friendships. My wife has shown this to me. Also she has pointed out that I don't try new things. I think there is a connection here. New people and new things can not be trusted so why try them? I think that is part of my thought process.


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