Friday, February 27, 2004


I attended a meeting this morning that was most interesting. It was a seminar designed to give clergy and psycologists the chance to interface with each other. The questions revolved around our virtues things like compassion and caring. At our table we discussed the issue of boundries. Unfortinatly the issue of abuse is always there. One person made the observation that even the accusation of abuse is a death nail for us.

But what hit me is what are my boundries? Where do I set my priorities. One pastor told how when he was young his wife met him at the door and asked who was more important then me today? She asked this after he had been half an hour or more late every day. What are our priorities? Is my family mt top priority? It must be. In the SA often family gets overlooked. I'm expected to do three or four jobs yet where does my family stand. My family must be my number one priority. The same pastor said that he wants to live a life where his kids will not hate his church, his bible, or his God. Good words. Where our priorities are there will be our actions.


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