Friday, February 06, 2004

Us and Them

Dwight noted in my post "virtues" that one problem lies in our language. We us the term "them" describe anyone who is not us. Very true. This alone dehumanizes "them." One thought however is that for us to recognize that our language is a problem means that we believe and act as though "they" are we. Or maybe better more mystical put, "they" are Christ. We recognize them as our neighbor's. But, what about all those who don't? Some I honestly believe do not realize what they are doing. Others are true hateful bitter people. The only we can distinguish is to show people what their actions and words do. As far as the hateful? Pray that God will deal with them.

Onto the language. I hate language. I think the problem is systemic problem. We have closed systems. Many (most or nearly all) of our people systems are closed groups. We use a language to distinguish between those in our group and those who are not. Thus, "us" and "them." What to do? I don't know. Can we or should we eliminate all closed systems? Should we get rid of all memberships? All private gatherings? How does this effects Christians under persecution? Are some closed systems necessary?

If some closed systems are necessary, then how to speak and act in ways that restore human dignity instead of dehumanizing people.


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