Thursday, February 05, 2004

Virtues-what I look for in myself and others

Dwight said that those in Missio Dei were asked to write down their core values. I am going to take a stab at this as well. As a pastor/Chaplin/social service administrator I want to live a few key things these are also the things I look for in other people whether they be friends, mentors, church participants, or employees.

1) Love
Jesus said "Love the Lord your God with all your might, your whole being. At the same time love everyone as yourself." (my paraphrase) I work in world where we see many hurting people (physical, mentally, and emotionally) We are called to Love. I see to much not Love though. It's not hatred it's just not Love. Am I willing to give up what I want to help others or do I only care that this gives me a Job.

But there is another aspect to this as well. Love for me must include my wife and will include my children some day. This Love is deeper. Its emotional. I cannot explain it but this Love starts at Love your neighbor and moves infinitely more levels of deepness.

2) Authenticity
This takes the idea of honesty to another level. This asks am I being honest with who I am. Am I being real with myself and others? Are other people being real with me or are they just playing a game? If we are just playing a game what the hell is the point.

3) The Poor
In Luke 4 Christ explained why he is here. Christ came for the poor. He came for the outcast, the sick, the overlooked. We in the church (SA included) have changed to this to Christ came for me. Bull Shit. Christ came for the world. He came to proclaim release to those the powers and principalities (sometimes the church) have screwed. Christ comes in the world today to change neighborhoods, country's, and yes individuals as well. But we (the institutional church) have taken this liberating mandate and used it to wipe. We give them things but we do not open our doors. We build buildings with separate entrances for "social services" so they don't dirty our nice entrances. We don't give them coffee or a free pastry cause we might make a mess. We steel their dignity by putting them on the other side of the glass, or making them wait in the rain. Enough! We have been "Asleep in the Light" (Keith Green) for way too Long.

4) Community
This is what my heart seeks. People with whom I can share my life. A community where gossip and game playing stop. A community where people Love, are Authentic, and bring release to the poor.

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