Friday, March 19, 2004

Good week

Well I just got back from officers councils in San Marcos. OC is where all the SA officers get together every six months. To top it off my wife is in Roswell NM for the week. She gets back on Monday. Oddly enough I find myself unable to do much thinking over the past week. It seems that all I can think about is Tolani. It still seems like a dream sometimes. It was relaxing though. I saw the passion on Wednesday. I need to see it again. I did not find myself analyzing the movie. I walked away, numb. I don't know if it was the violence or if it was the real fact that Christ laid down his own life. I did not see the anisemitism though I see how some could.

At OC there were a few sessions I hardly stayed awake for one. I did however get a jump start on my Easter message. I think I am leaning towards talking about recognizing Life. There were many different ways people recognized the risen Life. Verbal, visual, touch, eating together. I wonder if people still have different ways of recognizing the Life.



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