Friday, March 12, 2004

In suffering

Lately I have been thinking quite a bit about suffering and our response to it.
I will look at three areas. Right now I only want to examine our response to the suffering of others.

When people suffer what do we do? What do we say. I have heard many things in the last week. Some good others bad. Its funny though how the same sentence can either be good or bad. For example "if you need anything call me." I heard this from those who I knew were serious and those who may have been. Those who our relationship means that I will call them and those who I would not call unless all my friends had died. Its the relationship I have with people that dictates what level of openness and honesty that I have with a person. My closest friends simply said I'm here if you need to talk. They offered no bull shit answers about how God has a plan or that there was a reason medically speaking. They just listened.

Is it supposed to bring me comfort that God has a plan and everything happens for a reason. If so then I am blaming God for it. If its God's fault I would flip him off tell him to kiss my ass and go my way. Yet I will not can not believe that it is God's fault. God did not intervene, but he did not cause the miscarriage. Could I be mad at God for not intervening? Yes. Can I blame God? NO! Yet many Christians do.

I just wish more people could have said I'm sorry and left it at that. When you share my misery it only makes it worse. Just sit there and shut the hell up. I'll tell you when I want to talk.

Just some thoughts on what say when people are suffering.


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