Friday, March 26, 2004

A look back

I've noticed lately that I have not been blogging about theological topics. This is not something I like. The problem is that my ministry profession is overshadowing my theological calling. I am an intellectual. I think about, analyze, solve, discuss and BS about any and all problems. So here is the problem. Over the last couple months most of my energy has been taken up by $100,000 dollars of debt our corps (Salvation Army unit) is in. The tide is turning but the tyranny of the urgent has taken my time and energy. I am learning why the stereotype of TSA officers is “we eat too much and think to little." I may eat too much at times but I never want to think too little. I am still thinking but only about how to raise money, better provide the services we provide, how to manage employees better, and solving problems. These are good and needed I just feel numb. Maybe the last month has just been too much I don't know. The month of March sucked shit. The only highlight was seeing Dwight and Rebecca. Maybe I still have not dealt with all the shit I don't know. I want to start thinking theological but I am not right now.

I have two sermons coming on Easter and the week after. Maybe that will help. I will blog about what I'm thinking about with Easter a little bit latter.


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