Tuesday, March 16, 2004

On suffering part 2

My thoughts on suffering continue. I preached on these ideas on Sunday. It seemed to impact people because it was real. My question now is "who do I/you respond to suffering."

For me I think. Being that I think out loud anyway my thinking comes in the form of writing or talking to friends or God. On Saturday after the miscarriage I did shed a few tears which is not normal for me but over the course of a couple hours I wrote about a page of thoughts.

I contrast that thought process with my wife's. She would not talk to myself or anyone else for about 5 days. Incomprehensible to me. It was frustrating. She was dealing with her anger internally. I do not know what went on in her head. She sat there. I engaged with people my wife withdrew.

neither way is right. I do think though that each of us should understand how we respond to suffering. Also we should understand how our spouse or friends respond so we know when it is normal or when there is something for worse going on. So my question to you is how do you respond when shit happens?


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