Sunday, March 28, 2004

Out of the Silent Planet

I just finished reading Out of the Silent Planet. It is the first book in CS Lewis's Space Trilogy. It was riveting. In a work of fiction he deals with questions about why humans are the way they are, what could the spiritual life look like on other worlds, and what is God's relationship with this planet.

One major theme however, is, what is the nature of sin. What would happen if sin was never allowed to take hold in a society? A place where God was in charge. What if people did not hate each other? What if people did not kill one another?

One other interesting thought revolved around the nature of Oyarsa. Oyarsa is the ruler of Malacandra (Mars) Oyarsa has no carbon based body instead the body is light. In addition Oyarsa has many Eldil which seem to be angel like beings. Oyarsa however has a counterpart on earth how has gone bad or bent. This Bent One has perverted the minds of humans. Brought hate and war. Yet Oyarsa has heard that Maleldil is at war with the Bent One. I am not sure what Oyarsa is. But why should I try. I am wondering what CS Lewis thought their relationship was. In any event I am looking forward to discovering more of the war between Maleldil and the Bent One


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