Monday, March 22, 2004


I have been thinking about my priorities. I think about everything I am involved with now and I have reached some conclusions. I was taught growing up that my first priority should be to God. First God, second family, third job, forth whatever. I see a few problems.

If my family suffers because of my relationship with God do I have a relationship with God? Many pastors have confused relationship with God and their ministry. As a result their families took a back seat to their ministries.

Shouldn't our relationship with God be lived in everything? Can we segment God? No wonder pastors have had horrible families. We live our fellowship with God. We ought to do everything in fellowship with God.

So here is where I stand. My wife is first. Nothing can get in the way of our relationship. The demands of ministry should never supersede the needs of my family. It will take a very conscious effort on my part to see this through but it is my promise. My family will always come first.


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