Friday, March 05, 2004


It's been a few days since I posted.

I have not been feeling very well as I have this inner ear thing going on making me dizzy. Also, my wife and I may have some good news I'll write about it a bit latter.

Anyway, all is going well here at the beach. I am discovering things I hate yet I am capable in them, management, finances, and the like. I am also learning that I am not really a pastor in the traditional sense. I am a teacher someone who will challenge thoughts and actions. Most people want a pastor to console them and shepherd them. That aint me, nor do I want that. Thus there are joys to the abolishment of paid professional pastors. Undoubtedly many churches will still have staff but I will be the pastor to my sister or brother, and my brother or sister will be my pastor. I've been working on this computer for a hour or so doing powerpoint for Sunday. Anyway, blessings to you all.


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