Monday, March 01, 2004

The way I think

An event happened last night that has lead me to look at the way I think. My wife was struggling with something and I pretty insensitive in the way I handled it. I analyzed the issue (I thought of it as a problem) and the proceeded to attempt to find a solution. I can not be more specific about the situation at this point.
But my wife was pretty pissed off at me. I have a tendency to attempt to solve everything. It got me thinking about how I look at life and how I think about life. I came up the thought that in general I look at life as a series of problems. I analyze events, people, situations, my self, and pretty much everything else as a problem. I then proceed to figure out how to solve the problem. I realize that every solution is temporary and can be changed. I also realize that every solution brings about more problems. Sometimes I analyze and solve very quickly other times very slow. But regardless I analyze and solve. I made some observations about this but they are at home. I will think about this some more latter.

My question though is that what other ways do people look at life. Is life just a series of problems waiting to be solved or can we exist thinking about life and acting in life under different terms.


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