Monday, April 26, 2004

God's Fault?

This will be my last post concerning our guests this weekend. Stylistically I was board. Theologically, I was pissed off. I was already mad at the sit and wait thought but they pissed me off on Saturday.

After the son sang a couple songs the mom got up and started sharing about what God had done in their ministry. How God showed people their needs without being told. I guess that's okay, God can give us wisdom from time to time. But during this 45 testimony (she doesn't "preach" so she doesn't use the pulpit, I don't get it) she talked for 30 minutes about her family life. In the past 25 years of ministry they have lost 2 sons both to acute illness. They died within weeks after being diagnosed.

The problem was her words like "God took them home" "God had a reason" "I'll see them in heaven" "I don't understand why God does what he does" She was blaming God for the deaths. She did not see it as a bad thing. "God did it." She then asked us if we could rejoice even if all was taken away. She believes rejoice means being content with what God does. If we could say that we would be content then something was wrong.

I can't answer that question if I have never been there.

But if I am going to blame God for their death the I also must blame God for Hitler and the like. So its all God's fault. He wrote it all he did it all.

Its Gods fault.

If that is true then I would flip God off and be on my way.

Thank God he suffered with us. God came to give life not death. Praise be to God.


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