Sunday, April 11, 2004

Marriage and other thoughts

A real shitty thing just happened. I had my post all ready went to copy into word for spell check as the blogger spell check isn't working. I hit "Fn C" instead of "ctrl C" lost it all. Damn. Now I’m just writing word. Undo is a great feature.

On to marriage. Dwight rightly points out that we all struggle with sexual sin. I do not know if I would officially marry a homosexual couple. My take of the Law is that it is contextual. Both OT as well as Paul. Could it be the Homosexuality is always wrong? Maybe, I’m just not convinced in my heart.

On to other thoughts. For too long we have focused on minor personal sins and neglected larger social evils. We should concern ourselves with how to be the evidence of Christ. We are what he left behind. Nothing more and nothing less. Yet we stay silent on things which Christ was not silent on. War, persecution, slavery, screwing the poor, and the like. Let us first love each other and others then let us talk of smaller personal sins.

This leads me to address the topic of church involvement in political affairs. In the past the Salvation Army was very involved with political affairs. We fought and succeeded in accomplishing many political goals such as closing Devil’s Island. But today we are silent. We are silent when our government’s policies persecute the poor. We are silent when our president murders many in the name of revenge for something Iraq didn’t do. We are silent when millions go without health care (the poor) and pay double for a doctor visit or drugs. Where is the organization that runs hospitals when the discussion of universal health care comes up? Where are we?

I can no longer stay silent. Our president is worse then his father or Reagan, the greats redistributor of wealth (poor to rich) there ever was. We must fight to ensure the Kerry is elected. He is not liberal enough but he must do. For a man who professes faith Bush has an EVIL administration. I don’t know what I will do, I must think and pray. Bush must be defeated.

Check out Air America Radio. Its good stuff.


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