Friday, April 30, 2004

One car and four SUV's

Yesterday I paid 2.09 a gallon for gas.

I crusin on up the PCH on my way to starbucks. Had to pick up some pastries and get my iced tea, no water light on the ice. I looked to my left and what should I see four SUV's with a car in between. I thought to myself, what's up with that, maybe they have people with them so their not wasting gas. I passed the H2 it was first and the worst there a man sat all by himself. I passed the Toyota Sequoia a big V-8. There a lady sat just driving herself. I passed a little station wagon saving gas in the midst of the giants. Then came the explorer, a man all by himself. Finally was a Four Runner must have been commuting. No one else just the isolation.

An end to the hammer and all these monstrosities would be a good thing

4x4's four hours from the hills

that's messed up

Yet they get a tax break when they buy a "farm vehicle" where grass doesn't grow.

war to public transit and hybrid cars.


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