Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I had to write an employee up today. I really hate being a boss and I dispise it when I have to micromanage. Why don't people just do thier jobs? I opperate in a give me my task let me immagine and leave me alone. I guess some people are not like that though.

I really love being married. I love my wife more each day. Its truly amazing that something so amazing could happen to me. It is sure a learning and growing expirience though.

I am egerly waiting for moves to come out. I am very curious to see what we are going to be doing at least the next year. It is not knowing that is bugging me more then anything.

The Mariners finally won thier first game on Sunday. I do not know why it took so long. They have a series against the Angels starting tonight. If they get swept again I am going to curse and scream. But still Go Mariners.

It seems from hearing the reports from the 9-11 commission that of president had ample warning that Osama was up to something. So did the bastard just ignore it or did he purposely have the CIA and FBI ignore or not prosecute. I want to know if he allowed it to happen so that he could go murder Iraqies? Why didn't he do anything?

Just some random thoughts.


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