Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Redemptive marriage-the ins and outs

This in many ways is piggy back off of Dwight's Blog. Dwight talked about marriage being redemptive in the sense that a redemptive marriage restores the image of God. This can only be done in a relationship between male and female.

In true critical fashion I will deconstruct this first. I see a number of unstated assumptions or matters of fact that may contribute to Dwight’s interpretation.

1. Dwight and I are both heterosexuals. We may hang out with gays or homosexuals but we can not think or feel as they do. While we can understand celibacy to an extent we can not comprehend homosexuality.

2. I read in Dwight’s thoughts that marriage (either celibate or heterosexual) is necessary to redeem the image of God in humanity.

3. "All of that to say that I think that marriage was developed to try to put humanity back in its first state, being full bearers of the image of God." So did marriage exist before the fall? When male and female were created were they married?

I have a few thoughts. First I think there other ways in which marriage is redemptive. I wrote in my last post how I saw my marriage as redemptive. These are emotional physical as well as spiritual issues. In a sense there is a very practical redemption taking place much as Israel was lead out of slavery.

Not all marriages are redemptive in nature. Some are for a time, some never are. I do not know why nor will I try to figure it out but certain marriages are not restorative they are damaging. These are the abusive relationships, physical or emotional. Even though they marry even as Christians they do not redeem each other. I do not know why some are redemptive and some are not.

My grandfather’s first marriage was a nightmare for my mom’s family. There was serious hatred. My grandfather has dealt with his addictions and gotten remarried. This second marriage one late in life has been redemptive. He is a different person.

While I agree that marriage is A WAY to restore the Image of God it is not the only way. Community plays a key role. I also believe that healthy communities create healthy marriages. I wonder at times if the community is more powerful then the marriage but this probably depends on the situation.

We need others to redeem the Image of God in our lives. That said I am a heterosexual reading scripture written by heterosexuals which for years has been interpreted by heterosexuals. Who am I to say that homosexual marriage can not be redemptive? Not all marriages (or civil union or whatever) will be but neither are all heterosexual marriages. They are either redemptive or not I do not know and only time can tell.

I am sure my thoughts seem scattered they are. This is really a new thought for me. Blow open the holes if would please.


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