Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Redemptive Marriage

Dwight wrote on his blog:

"So without going to the NT (yet) I can state that the laws in the Bible are meant to protect us, from each other and ourselves. They are meant to keep a society (the Jewish society at the very least) from becoming America. So now that the law has condemned everyone (see Matt 4 - 6 for Jesus' interpretation of the law that lets no one off of the hook) we need to kick into a theology that views marriage in a redemptive sense."

I never really looked at a theology of marriage before. When I decided to marry my wife I knew two things had happened. First, I knew I Loved her I could not imagine life without her. Second, I came to the realization that I wanted to have kids with her.

But Dwight’s thoughts immediately got me thinking. For both of us marriage has been redemptive. I can not and will explain detail why marriage has been redemptive for her but I can say that I was the first man in her life other then her dad to truly Love her. No strings no expectations no pressure. All I asked is that she Love me.

I look back now some 18 months. I am changed person. There was a time when I used every amount of intellectual energy I had to argue that Love (Erros the deep intimate Love between life partners) doesn't exist. It’s false. Nothing I'd ever seen told me it was real. So engrained in my head was this idea, that I still struggle with these doubts. I do not have these doubts as often but still they are there sometimes. For the first time in my life I know Love. Her Love has made me new. In a very real sense it has redeemed me. I don't understand all the implications but there is temporal and possibly eternal aspect to this Redemptive Love. It has changed each of us in ways we are only partly aware.

Redeem essentially means buy back or restore. In a very real sense this is what our marriage has done. With her Love she has paid a price. She has paid the price of Love and has bought back years of loneliness, depression, unworthiness, even sin. She has truly restored me to health. The words escape me. Words can not describe something so Holy. I know it’s true however. My wife Tolani has paid the price of love to redeem me of all people.

I Love her more the words can describe.


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