Thursday, April 29, 2004

In reading Major Fletcher's comment my wife found a ps. There has been much discussion on a salvation army discussion forum. My wife has posted a rather lengthy comment there. After reading some of (not all) of the posts only one thing concerned me. Over a week passed before anyone told me about the discussion. Thanks Major.

My wife alluded to something which needs fleshed out a little more. What is said here is simply my thoughts. As I said they are works in progress. If you disagree with a thought or believe I am going against the SA doctrines please tell me why you think so.

Over last weekend I posted a fair amount about my reaction to Happiness Four. Know this they are great people. I disagree with them theologically that is fine, it is even good. I'm sorry if I appeared to be attacking them as people. They happen to be some the nicest evangelicals I've ever met. Whether I agree with someone or disagree with someone has no bearing on how I see them as a person. Furthermore, I am not necessarily concerned about being right or wrong. When it comes to God we are all wrong. (If right means 100% correct.) I am much more concerned with seeking and seeing God. While we all seek the same God we do not all see the same God. Our minds are impossible of truly comprehending God. Thus God reveals.

I do believe that God reveals different aspects to different people at different times. As read scripture I see many different ways God acted. Why do we strive to picture God as unchanging as stoic when God reveals new things about himself and ourselves each day.

While I believe that the nature and identity of God do not change, God's revelation is evolving. Changing over time as people and societies change. The issue of slavery or women's equality could all be examples where God has spoken through scripture that things must change. This happened when we were in a place were we could deal with the change. God's revelation (ie word) changes in us individually as well. Daily God reveals to us things to do or not do to conform us to the Image of God; we call this holiness or Christlikeness. We are not saved and then done; God continues to reveal himself to us. None of us can ever fully comprehend the Godhead.

All I know is what I see in Scripture, history, and experience all filtered through my reason. I see a God who reveals himself more every day. God is more then our minds can understand.


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