Friday, April 09, 2004

What's the point?

So today we had a good friday service. It started out great with some music playing in a darkened chapel with an image of a crucifix on the wall. It all went down hill from there. When the song was done the senior pastor motioned me to "start" the service. I don't know what happened but when I opened my mouth we ruined the holy with the profane. I said a prayer we sang some songs the Major spoke about the cross making us want to pray for this and that. I wanted to say, "Won’t you let me f'ing morn? The holy moment of silence that had preceded the "official meeting" was profaned by us unworthy pompous asses opening our mouths.
I almost couldn't,
I didn't know what to say,
Will this happen again,
Will it happen Sunday?
I hope it does not,
My words are little
What’s the point?

Latter we spoke about how the chapel would be setup. Where the readers would be and everything else. I hate pulpits. They stand for abuse in my world. I hate stages they only pump people up. I have been speaking from the floor on the same level. People say I'm more comfortable easier to listen to. All is true. So the major told me he did not want me preaching from the floor. I don't have the commanding presence, the authority that a preacher should have. Like a preacher is anybody special. At the best a preacher only inspires people to think, and hear, and see. When we take the holy: the written word, the Eucharist, the Living God, and the Church, and profane them by putting one solitary dumb ass up center stage to tell everyone how to f'ing live. And they wonder why I despise evangelical churches.

Church would be better if we knew to shut the hell up sometimes.

Can't we see that today the King is DEAD!
God have Mercy on us All


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