Saturday, April 24, 2004

Word of God?

This weekend we have some special guests at our corps. I have some thoughts about what I have heard. They have talked a lot about the bible being "the word of God." This is nothing new in the evangelical world. They seem to be holding up scripture as the revelation of God. Almost as scripture is the goal. It seems as though they treat scripture as God at times. They use scripture as the truth. It feels like they treat it as an encyclopedia. Phases and verses that give us truth.

Scripture is the word of God

Scripture is a word from God

What’s the difference?

One other thing bugged me. Last night they talked about the power of God. It is true we serve a powerful God. But what bugged me was their thoughts. First we should pray that God will act. Second, we should rest "in God's almighty hand." Finally, we should wait for God to act so that people will know that we serve a powerful God.

For years we have sat in our churches sitting on our ass waiting for God to act. We developed a theology of waiting and God's wrath called dispensationalism. We seek miracles and testify to them so that people will be impressed because "my God is bigger then yours." Kind off immature don't you think?

Does Jesus ever say "they will know me because of my power?"

Was the Great Commission "Go and wait for my return?"

Was the Great commandment "See the miracles and tell others about them?"

When did we re-write scripture?

"But look at the world, they are opposed to Christianity. Just look at MTV and Comedy Central, Janet Jackson and Howard Stern. Look at relativism. People are opposed to the truth. There is no standard. Scripture must be the standard. We must convince them of their error."

The warriors are defeated. Praying that God will save them. "God please show your power."

The best apologetic is life lived fulfilling the greatest commandment. Love God and your neighbor. Let’s get off our ass.


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