Sunday, May 09, 2004

Re: Tom and Paul

I understand your struggle however; I can not help you with your question. I am not looking to form a framework where God is "sovereign over future events." In some ways I like chaos theory.

On the other hand. God is still creating. It is in this act that God answers prayers. Creating and recreating.

One side bar, often we do not know if God answered a prayer or if stuff just happens. Shit happens and life is recreated. Both are part of creation.

Tom: Greg Boyd is a good start. Kevin has some great resources as well. I am not in the business of defending open theism or postmodernity. Modernity and postmodernity are both true, as are other non-western worldviews. This worldview effects how we see and communicate with God. A modern worldview bases itself out of a picture theory of language. Words create pictures. Thus Language always has the same meaning. Words mean the same regardless of their culture.

A postmodern understanding of language is that of a game. Language is bound by context. Words are written in a context, words are read in a context. The result of that is meaning. Meaning is contextual. As a result I do not know if I can show you open theism in scripture. We find ourselves in two different worlds. As a modern you read scripture as a modern. You see an unchanging and sovereign God. You are not wrong.

As a postmodern I read a text that tells me that God changes his mind. I read how God repented in Gen 6. I read that even when the scriptures were written people saw God differently in different cultures. Thus we are left with many contradictions with is scripture. I read a God who is active in this world creating and recreating all of creation.

I am not wrong, neither are you. I am not right, neither are you. All we have is who we are. We come and seek to follow Christ in our time.


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