Friday, May 28, 2004

An update

I've been awol for a while.
I can't say it has been an easy week.
Tolani and I have been wrestling with the fact that she has miscarried twice. This is a very sad thing. I have spent most of the last week and a half in depression. I was functional to a degree though.

Wednesday we had a doctors appointment. He said she was fine and all the tissue passed. But we're nor fine. We are going to run some tests on Tolani to see if there is something that is wrong. Its just some blood work.

Other then that we are planning a vacation for mid-July. We are taking two weeks and doing some camping in the redwoods, in Florence OR where my grandparents live, and we will spend some time with Julius and Shannon Murphy. They live in the bay area. We are looking forward to vacation. It is needed.

Depression has made me theologically dead. I have not thoughts and no new topics. I hope this doesn't last long.


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