Friday, June 25, 2004

buisy couple weeks

A lot has happened over the last two weeks, Tolani was commissioned last weekend and family was in town. I love her family but one week is just too long. My mom was in town for three days. We had a very pointless discussion on the merits of the King James Version. We both agree the NIV is a bad translation but for very different reasons. Se had the same line "majority of manuscripts equals best translation." With all my books packed I couldn't go anywhere except to say no. But primarily my problem is that she believes that KJV is readable. I hate Shakespeare why would I read KJV? I am fine with my NRSV, NLT, TEV/GNB, and Message.

Anyway, I am attending four days of class right now. We are looking at the doctrine of Holiness. Two things have struck me:

1) Holiness involves recovering the Imago Dei or Image of God
2) We need new language for holiness and sanctification

I will think about this more latter.


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