Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Random Thoughts

What a busy couple weeks.

We have an annual dinner tomorrow, Tolani is commissioned a week from Saturday, I have a budget to do tomorrow, I have to pack all my books, I have to pack everything else. (I must remember the order: books, electronics, CD's, all other stuff.) Tolani has a much different order. We got some good news. We will be moving into the Redondo Beach Quarters (parsonage). Its a four bedroom house with a large family room and loft. It comes with a pool table. This pool table came with the house when the SA bought it. It weighs 800lbs or so. My depression is finally starting to end.

I feel better. I am also starting to think more clearly.

Recently a number of people have been talking about salvation. Whenever I hear most people though they only talk about salvation in the following formula: Accept Christ as a result one is saved. The purpose of salvation is entrance into heaven.

When I read scripture I see much more about salvation being a here and now thing then a heaven thing.

I do think heaven is important but shouldn't we be more concerned about salvation of our lives here and now?

So since everything starts with definitions:

What is your definition of Salvation?


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