Thursday, June 17, 2004

The result

Lloyd Wrote:
"Are we talking about "one" salvation here through Jesus Christ, or others through other persons, gods, or sources?"

I presuppose the Salvation in a Christian discussion is attained only through faith in the Triune God. My question is simply what does this gift (both received and given) look like?

Does it simply look like heaven (however that is defined) or does salvation look like or better yet exist in the temporal physical world?

Furthermore, if God redeemed humanity on the cross, (redemption does not equate with salvation in my mind it is only part of it) did he not do the same for the rest of creation?

If God redeemed the world what should a Christians relationship with the world look like? Should it not be a redeemed relationship?

Shouldn't there be something different about followers of Christ then simply their language, dress, what they do on Sunday morning?

Lloyd wrote:
"Salvation is the work of God by which He saves man from the eternal doom of sin. In salvation He gives to man the riches of His grace which mean eternal life now and forever. Salvation is the work of God and not a work of man for God."

Is faith or belief (same word in Greek and Hebrew) not a work? Salvation is a two way street God has give proveniant grace to all we respond, we do something. Salvation is not something God does to us. It is a at minimum at two way relationship. The early church (up to 1500) believed it to be three way. The church was essential to salvation. Without the church one could not be saved. Unfortunately this correct doctrine got institutionalized. I do not we can enter into a relationship with God without also entering into relationship with other followers of Christ.

All that to say:Salvation is a process where we come into a reconciled community (relationship) with; God, the people of God, and the creation of God.

Lloyd that you for your comments and interaction. My problem is that salvation as you see it (and I am not saying your wrong) has led to a church that not very different then anyone else except the language they use, the clothes they wear (sometimes), and what they do on Sunday morning. This is not only the Army but it is usually worse in every other church/institution I have seen.

As a result I believe we MUST redefine what it means to follow Christ in this century.

Blessings on the journey


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