Saturday, July 10, 2004

Random thoughts

My mariners are awful this year how long until football season?

we are heading up to Florence Oregon in a couple weeks can't wait I need a vacation.

I hate packing but unpacking is worse.

Life is good in Redondo. Major Chuck Gillies is great. Its a great fit. My wife is now with me that is awesome. Still running the business so I have daily headaches but all is well, I am getting better at it. I kind of enjoy it that's scary but I'd rather talk theology.

I hope to start at Fuller in January. One class at a time seven years and an MA in theology awaits. I like my BA in BS better though. We earned this during chapel.


Hi Bill! Great to have found another officer blogger! I'd love to swap emails and engage in conversation. My entries have been sporatic lately but the blog I share with my wife is located at

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