Saturday, July 24, 2004

Re: An Army of Preachers

I am reading the current addition of the Officer, a magazine designed for SA officers.  Something struck me.  In a letter to the editor an officer talks about how the Army needs preachers.  He says: "I would...And say that the most urgent need in the Army today is a re-emphasis on the primacy of preaching."  He uses examples of "firery" preachers of the past.  Oddly enough with the exception of Booth all those he lists were well educated thinkers first and great preachers second. 

The Army does need more thinkers.  We need people who will bring the mission of soup, soap, and salvation or Save souls, grow saints, and serve suffering humanity, into the postmodern era.  We need people who will think ethically and do what is right.  we need people who can teach others and lead by example.  We needs people who can preach and teach in a new way to a new world we do not need the revivalists of old.  Revivalism was a good thing in its day when it was easy to attract an audience.  In today's world we need revivalism who will build relationships.

We need people who will put relationships first.

So no I do not believe we need an Army of preachers we need an Army of Incanational people in relationship with God and their world.


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