Saturday, July 17, 2004


I have spent the last hour reading blogs.  Gordon has some great thoughts on mission and TSA. 
Rebecca has some intriguing thoughts on pain and how we hide it.
I have read the comments over the past week.  I have spent the better part of 6 years defending the facts that I am a Postmodern Christian who does not believe in absolute truth as something attainable in this life.  Absolute truth in my world is God and God alone.  I can only know God in part.  I am not going to defend the fact.  I will discuss theology mission vision or even the implications of postmodernity for the church I will not defend postmodernity.  I do not expect moderns to become postmodern just don't expect me to become modern or question my salvation because I do not see the world the same way.  Don't question my salvation because I will vote for Kerry only because I blame Bush and his people for killing many unjustly and putting America as the enemy of the world.  I do not want an American empire.  My salvation has been questioned for many of these views, do not do it here. 
If you want to debate postmodernity please go to Emergent village or TheOoze.  If you want to discuss the idea of community sanctification or social salvation lets.  Just don't attack me for not being an evangelical.
I am probably a bit irritated. 
I am most irritated at a Church without mission and the only church that is growing is the unchurched Christian.  Those who find community outside the bounds of institutional church.  Is that a bad thing.  I was raised to think yes.  I have seen too many abuses in extreme Pentecostal circles.  I just don't know.
I am gone from the college where is community?
Where are friends?
I need to go to Praiseworks.
their community is a reality.
What about here.
Now I go to talk through a sermon on Worship.


Personally I am finding labels less and less helpful. I have stumbled over a couple of interesting reads together with comments.

Despite the - without labels how can you be sure you have a tin of custard and not dog food - thought process, I still hold with a thought I had sev months back.

Bill - you've nothing to defend apart from the right to be creative in your thoughts. Stick at it and thanks for allowing me to journey with you.

By Blogger Gordon, at 2:30 PM  


I can hear your heartfelt cry. I can understand where you are. I was there too once. Im now one of those who has found community outside. I dont believe it can happen in the church as it is today.

Keep journeying, and may the Lord be with you as you find your way to authentic community.


By Blogger Lucy, at 4:50 PM  

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