Sunday, August 22, 2004

Big Brother and the Village

We hold these truths to be self evident that nothing is as it seems.

6 years and 5 seasons ago our creators endeavored to found a society based on lies and deceit. We are now engaged in a great contest to test whether this group or any group ever conceived can keep from going insane.

The Village bill of rights
1) you have the right to be lied to
2) you have the right to freedom but you can not enter the woods
3) truth is the right of very few
4) Truth being detrimental to society can only be know by the few
5) The holders of truth will hold power over those who do not possess truth

These two shows are awesome. Big Brother simply because no one is what they seem. The village was the best philosophical movie in a while. Can a society exist where the truth about reality is held secret? Can a society exist that is built upon myth. Furthermore is it possible for the myth to be more powerful then truth? Is the myth truth?

What is our myth? What if it is not true? What if our myth does not line up with reality?


Hey Bill,

I'm rereading Alves, The Poet, the Warrior, the Prophet. In that book he weaves poetically our myths that we have told ourselves. In the process of weaving them for us to see, he is unweaving them as well.

Postmodern Language theory of Austin and later Wittgenstein tells us that our "reality" is based on a myth because of the limitations of our language to describe it. Therefore many things go unnoticed because they cannot be talked about. I would take that one step further and state that our bodies are also not capable of perceiving all of reality either (i.e. compare the visible light spectrum to the spetrum of light, compare the audable capabilities of humans to cats, etc). So we were obviously created with the limited ability to percieve all that really does exist.

Now back to the everyday life and out of human anatomy and physics. There has never been a metanarrative in the history of the world that all members of a given organization have been able to adhere to. Alves would say that you and I cannot even taste the same apple (even if you bit from the same apple) because where he was from apples didn't grow and when he first got an apple he was in his teens and he let it rot because he wanted to have an apple forever. We may have grown up with apples so the history that surrounds them is different and complex and thus the taste is different as well. But we could both tell the truth and say that apples exist and that "I love apples."

So we have myths built up all around us with fragments of truth showed in the holes. That is the way it is in my book and that does not shake my faith in God or my journey with Christ either. No one can be 100% truthful for a variety of reasons, the least of which is the intent to lie. Can truth exist with myth? It has to, because that is how we were made to be. Does that hinder us from being complete as your father in heaven is complete? No, God knows that we are this way and works with and in spite of it.

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