Thursday, August 26, 2004


Life has been busy these last two months. Chuck coming as senior pastor/officer has been a breath of fresh air. Tolani's illnesses have gotten me down.

But we also got a puppy on Monday. He is a lab mix (maybe beagle) who is very sweet. His name is Ted Theodore Preston. Yes after a caricature in the second greatest movie of all time. Silent Bob just doesn't work.

God's game is just around the corner go seahawks.

Life is good I am just scared something is wrong with Tolani I love her so much.

I will have more thoughts on Romero and Pinnock latter.

We get the internet installed tomorrow at the house so all will be well and more thoughts will come.



Hi, Bill!

I know you seem worried about Tolani's illnesses,which is understandable 'cause you love her so much and are concerned for her well-being.

The bottom line is to "trust God" and expect He will sustain you and lift you up. Just leave the matter in His capable hands and keep on ministering as you are doing.

Retain a good doctor for her, maintain your strong faith in the Lord, and things will be okay! He is always healing. We don't always know when and to whom, but He does! Isaiah 41:10

Blessings, brother!


By Blogger lloyd, at 9:58 AM  

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