Monday, August 09, 2004

The Church, The West, and Pluralism

As I noted earlier I read Noll's book Old Religion in a new world. What I was struck by most was the idea that the West (Rockies on west) are very unique. I has never occurred to me before that other parts of the country do not have large Asian and Hispanic populations. Also there is a realization that westerners are very inclusive. The largest religious demographic is none. The west is different what does that mean for pomo's? What does it say that postmodern culture has come from the west in many ways. If westerners hold pluralism as an ideal what does that mean for the Church in other areas? What about Church in the West? Can a single church be pluralistic?

Just some thoughts it needs discussion.

We treat theological and ecclesiological matters as global or national. Do we need to go smaller? What does all this mean for denominations?

What does pluralism do to TSA in the west? What if pluralism as an ideal is spreading?

I have no answers.


That is interesting Bill.

The Friends churches in Oregan and Washington (Northwest Yearly Meeting, encompassing George Fox University) have embraced (somewhat) the concepts of Postmodernism. In fact George Fox has a doctoral degree in Emerging Theology headed up by Sweet. They are taking this stuff pretty seriously.

We (Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting) are now being slapped in the face with it (primarily because of NWYM, and myself) and might deal with it shortly.

From what I have seen the other yearly meetings in America are still doing things the same way without thinking about these issues.

As for theological matters as global or national, I have always viewed them as individualistic (that is because of my American upbringing) and see a national or even a church wide theology as something to be avoided, in the respect of having a 12 point or more doctrinal statement that nails down our theological perspectives.

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