Friday, August 27, 2004


Gordon asked me for some reflections on Oscar Romero.

I had only heard of Oscar Romero through my brief interaction with Liberation theology. I walked into Borders and saw this book sitting on the bargain rack. It looked intriguing because it is an interview of sorts. The author interviewed a number of people and started putting this story together. So all I learned about Monsenior was from a combination of his own words and other peoples memories.

One quote cut me to pieces "the essence of conversion is change."

There was nothing extraordinary about this man. Its seems like he played the political game well. But he changed. He experienced conversion in his late 50's. Gradually he started defending what he had denounced. He spoke for the poor. He decided to live among them in a small house at the hospital. My picture of it is probably nowhere close. He was a prophet seeing current events through the loving eyes of God. He was a man of prayer often seen kneeling and communing with God.

He lived with his people when he didn't have to. He fought for his people even when sanctioned by the pope. He threw away his career for the sake of the poor the masses. Spoke out against the government that eventually killed him.

He was a thinker always seeing changes and processing them. Asking people what he should do yet was firm in his convictions. He was a leader who could have called for war and been made president. He effected millions simply by following God and living incarnationally with the poor. He stood up to America because we were wrong. Reading his words and others memories brought me to tears more then once.

Thank You God for the life of Oscar Romero. May his life continue to bless us and those to come.


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