Saturday, September 04, 2004


Well here is an update.

It seems like forever though its only been since Wednesday. We spent Thursday night and all day Friday at the ER. Finally we saw Dr J he has a big last name so he goes by Dr J. He is at Doheny Eye Institute at USC. The diagnosis is pseudotumor cerebri. It is effecting Tolani currently in her eyes. She can not see much out of her right eye and her left eye only about 50% or so.

She will have surgery on Tuesday. It is needed we just don't know how it will effect her eye sight. We hope she will recover some of what she lost.

I am frightened but I know that God is Emmanuel.


You and Tolani remain in our prayers. I am so sorry that you both seem to be hit with things one right after another. I wish there were words to say or that I could be there to just lend my comfort. However, both of those things are not realistic. So, just know I love you both and I think about you often. You are in my prayers----- From SHORTY =O)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:21 AM  

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you both Bill. I can't understand why you both are suffering so much, but I know God loves you both and cares very much.

Not much in the way of supreme wisdom there, but I mean it all.

God bless you both!

By Blogger Paul Munro, at 3:45 AM  

Hey Paul Munro,

Don't you think that 1 John 4:10/Jesus is my propitiation should come on down to my blog, well actually I have two so he could blog twice. You'd join in too wouldn't you Paul? I think it would be MOST EXCELLENT if 1 John 4:10 came and we could discuss or debate his issues of the scriptures.

So what do you say, this is an open invitation, lets bring it to a discussion of Pastors rightly dividing the Word of God. What say you 1 John 4:10? Come on over and we can all talk, in fact if Bill wants to join in, he can post when he is not so busy taking care of his families needs, which is a MOST RIGTEOUS thing to do when they are confronted with so many heavy issues. God is the provider and their comforter and I think everyone of us here agree that Bill is seeking God in these matters and 1 John 4:10 doesn't need to meddle where God is at work....


By Blogger Concerned Citizen, at 10:35 AM  

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