Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A week

Its been a week since I wrote not much to say.

Tolani is doing okay.

I go on vacation next week it will be good.

I have been so exhausted by everything at the corps and the health stuff. I have felt under the weather most of the week. But I am still getting up every morning. Sometimes that is enough.

Spoke about Christian integrity on Sunday. Interesting and hard topic. How can a church which does not love be a church of integrity? That was my question. Are we in danger of being those white washed tombs? What if we are? The pharasies didn't realize that they were.


Hi Bill

I think you wrote earlier this was your first year in your appointment at the Corps. If I am right it is only natural to feel tired because for the first year everything is new, I can recall it well and because it is new and unfamiliar you have to concentrate harder on what you are doing and you also feel compelled to try and live up to expectations. It gets easier the second year and so on. Be kind to yourself, you will probably feel better after holidays.


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