Saturday, October 30, 2004

Future and happiness

I have been very busy lately and have been thinking a lot about the future.
I have one job the part of it I am beginning to enjoy while the other part I am starting to hate.
Our church has a strong community but we do not belong.
I am finding that I am good at this business stuff I would have taken it as a personal insult if you ever called me a businessman before.
I feel like something must change soon.
Tomorrow I speak and try to be real. Talking about the past nine months or so and how my faith has changed and suffered. I do not know why God allows so much pain I am pissed off at God often because of this. I have started to go back to Praiseworks after taking the summer off. It is helping a bit mostly because there are real people there. It is a safe place. I remember Maslow he was full of it at times but one thing is true if I am not safe I am not free. If I am not safe then I can not do much of anything accept try to find safety. There is no freedom no happiness no joy just sorrow and depression.

God lead us to a safe place.

(by safe I am referring to emotional safety not physical safety)


Hey Bill

It takes a while to become part of a church community, you must remember that whoever was there before you was part of their community, now you come along and it takes time to be a part of this group. It is worth challenging though, becasue can you imagine how new believers would feel trying to break into this tight nit group. Sorry thing is they probably dont even realise because they are happy...

The challenge is to get people to focus on those outside the kingdom and not just inside. Remind them of their main purpose as a Chrisitan. They are not in a Jesus club... they are warriors on a mission to bring others into the Kingdom of God.

Leadership is sometimes lonely and we need to look for friendship amongst fellow officers because they are our colleauges and comrades...


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