Saturday, October 02, 2004


I hate being sick

Last night I had the chills and almost lost my cookies a couple times.

I'm on a needed weeks of vacation.

We are just hanging out with friends it has been good I just realize how tired I am.

I think I am mostly struggleing with the fact that I am at a church that cannot be a community for Tolani and I. Though a community exists it is not mine.

Thus I struggle to see the relivance.

I ask why.

I am tired.

So here is a question: What is the point of Church? or Why are christians expected to go to church? Is the a neccesary thing? Can there be community with "church" as we know it?

So there a couple different formulations of a similar question. Please repond I'd like to hear some thoughts.


Hi, Bill!

It does sound like you need a much needed rest with friends and just "kick back" and unwind!

Could you explain what you are feeling that you and Tolani are missing?

How is The Salvation Army failing your worship needs or not meeting your "need for community" as a church? I'm somewhat lost!

Get some rest!

God bless you!

Lloyd Michael Fletcher

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:29 PM  

Hey Bill, how was your time with the Pocketts? I hope it was relaxing and refreshing to get away. I'm sorry it been so difficult for you and tolani. Are there any no salvation army church groups you guys can go meet people your own age? or are there any groups that you guys can join to get support systems going? i think thats what your feeling when you say "not feeling part of a community" no longer have friends outside of your pastoral aqaintances with your congregation. As far as--do I think church is necessary? Yes, I think it is necessary because people need to be surrounded by other believers to help keep straight in their walk. Your and tolani's situataion is a little different because all of your members are older but they need you. and right now that is where God needs you. I don't know why He needs you there, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...Right--- =o)) Oh well, its late and i am probably not making any sense.. i will write later. i'm praying for you love to the both of you..SHORTY

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:18 AM  

Hey, Bill

I am not a fan of blogs, but google led me to you - or do you believe it's a God thing? Let me explain.

I am a Captain who has been out of college since 2000. My wife and I had good careers but eventually God wore our resistance down. Our first appointment saw us placed in a very senior corps where no-one knew what to make of us - we are very youth/social/contemporary in our mission call. But we endured because God had a work for us there. Eventually we began to feel at home and that was God blessing us with opportunities outside our de facto corps, and we also managed to find officers who were compatible in outlook. We put boundaries on behaviours that people believed were their right as congregants, but were in fact somewhat abusive of the access to the leadership.
After our third year we were moved a goodly distance to a corps that is only marginally different. After one year here we now feel the same pressures as before. We are not in our perceived gifting for ministry, so I know of what you speak. So...

Rest assured first of all that God has indeed planned for you, since before creation (first chap. Ephesians) and indeed planned in hope and blessing.

The Army has sown you into a difficult area. Whenever man sows something, some goes where it will find difficulty in growing. Perhaps the spiritual soil is shallow, or played out, or contaminated. I have found lots of this among modern congregations. What's the good news? Regardless of where it is planted, it is God who makes the seed grow where it shouldn't, in it's season according to His good purpose.

Practical things to do...

Let your leadership know. They should be smart and honest enough to know that mistakes can be made. A formal meeting and honest prayerful sharing can make all the difference. I do not recommend you start off with "If we don't get out of here..." but rather admit the challenges and ask for advice. If I read your brief timeline you are in a first appointment.

If you have friends nearby, arrange an overnight for each month and do it. If you don't, pray that God will open an opportunity and bring you to someone. I join outside groups in the immediate area but don't draw attention to my 'status' unnecessarily.

There are other measures, but officership nowadays is not just 'suck-it-up.' I actually sat in a meeting where the leadership scolded older and retired officers for their attitude against inexperienced officers. If we believe that as we approach the end times Satan is to be allowed greater leeway, then we should accept his influence to be more and more noticeable. You may be seeing the effects of spiritual attack, and therefore all of your life is put under strain, as well as ministry.

I am traditionally long-winded, but I would hope that you and others who browse through here would be encouraged to be under attack. Disheartening though it is, Satan leaves those who are on his side alone; but those who are a threat he rallies his powers against.

You guys are in our prayers; like Paul, we thank Almighty God for you.

A Brother in the Battle.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:59 PM  

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