Saturday, December 25, 2004

Thoughts on Christmas

Well Christmas is done.
Kettles were up. It was a successful season but I feel depressed. I ask was all the stress worth it? Why do I dread Christmas so? I should love this season and enjoy the beauty of the incarnate Lord but I feel so glad to be done with Christmas.
I am lonely here. Few friends who are close. Tolani and I are so tired. Family sucks. My Moms gift to me is pure garbage. A book entitled "In Awe of thy Word" see the bull at Its total crap. Says all translations other then KJV are heretical.
Anyway, hope all are having a good Christmas. So in the last two months my Mom has told me I'm going to hell for voting for Kerry, and that I am an "unsaved liberal" to quote the book.
Whatever, maybe I'm not being fair but I just don't care.
And she wonders why I can't stand most evangelicals. And Fundies are worse. So Fundies everywhere leave me alone.

It just hurts when your mom wont accept that I disagree. I really think she believes I'm going to hell. I feel like her and other fundies fight over stupid crap. I mean the words are not Holy. Only God is Holy and God's word became incarnate and became human. That is what Christmas is all about. The purpose of Scripture is to allow us to enjoy community with God. It is NOT a freaking encyclopedia. So let us read and commune with God.


I hear you. All forms of bibliolatry abound, and it is especially disheartening when close family is infected. Our consolation is that there is always hope, that minds will open. It is my hope that keeps me connected to family that are, frankly, arrogantly ignorant.

By Blogger Dan (aka Br Bozano), at 4:56 AM  


It seems that officership or any pastorship that requires moving that one's personal family is distant. Sometimes the church family becomes a pastor's family and in some ways may be closer due to their faith connection.

As you have noted, some family members may seemingly mean well, but are destructive in the process. I believe God gives the wisdom to teach us to know that is helpful and that which is destructive. Even family members are not always in agreement on religious, political and other matters and it is not likely things will change.

I have found that family members who are destructive are of little value to your life and ministry. Sometimes you have to find others to fill the loneliness that are more perceptive to your values and become better friends than your family. Of course, you may have to listen to "guilt trips" put on you by your extended family, but you determine how often you need to be around them?

If they are only around you to "browbeat" you....make a choice to find comfort elsewhere and don't be ashamed to do that. You can always tell them that when you feel the need to be "browbeaten" that you will visit them. Maybe they will get the message that their interference has gone too far.

Even Jesus wasn't always popular around His own people and was not always honored by those closest to Him.

Do keep in mind that after a long Christmas season filled with hour after hour of work, ministry and little rest - things suddenly stop! Sometimes your body and mind realizes the drive has stopped and fatigue and loneliness creeps in. Some officers go into "deep depression" when the quietness returns. They have been "stroked" by the public for weeks telling them how wonderful their ministry is. After Christmas, life returns to normal and the accolades often stop for another year. Those times can be depressing and you feel relieved, but also "let down" at the same time.

God bless you, Bill and Tolani! Your survived another Christmas!

Lloyd Michael Fletcher Major (R)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:41 AM  


You know that you and Tolani are a part of our family and we love you guys, even though you are crazy, and a liberal, and read the Message! Was all the stress worth it, who knows, but there are a few thankful souls out there. Let's get back into the mode of helping people discover that there is a deeper spirtual journey that the Lord desires for them! We love you guys.

The Pockett's

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:35 PM  

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Thoughts on a funeral

Today is Friday,

The funeral was Tuesday.

Monday was a good day with my grandma.

I got back on Wednesday and I got right back to work.

My grandfather is dead. He is gone. The reality of that has not hit me just yet.

He found his conversion through the doors of AA. Over the 24 years that followed he changed nothing overnight but gradually he changed. He learned what love was. He was a loving man. He married after 12 years and changed even more. Henri Nouwen said "all living is dying" so I am dying even now. But its sad when a good man dies. But I rejoice that he is no longer in pain. He knew God, not in the way evangelicals want him to. But so what. So he sits in whatever is next Enjoying life, playing cards, fishing, and telling jokes about those republicans. I loved my grandfather. Enjoy your time wherever you are. Catch some big fish. We will play cribbage up there some time after my journey here is over.

Goodbye grandpa.

I love You


what a beautiful tribute to a man you loved very much. Thanks for sharing. we are thinking about you all the time.

By Blogger Rebecca, at 5:45 AM  

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