Friday, December 03, 2004

Thoughts on a funeral

Today is Friday,

The funeral was Tuesday.

Monday was a good day with my grandma.

I got back on Wednesday and I got right back to work.

My grandfather is dead. He is gone. The reality of that has not hit me just yet.

He found his conversion through the doors of AA. Over the 24 years that followed he changed nothing overnight but gradually he changed. He learned what love was. He was a loving man. He married after 12 years and changed even more. Henri Nouwen said "all living is dying" so I am dying even now. But its sad when a good man dies. But I rejoice that he is no longer in pain. He knew God, not in the way evangelicals want him to. But so what. So he sits in whatever is next Enjoying life, playing cards, fishing, and telling jokes about those republicans. I loved my grandfather. Enjoy your time wherever you are. Catch some big fish. We will play cribbage up there some time after my journey here is over.

Goodbye grandpa.

I love You


what a beautiful tribute to a man you loved very much. Thanks for sharing. we are thinking about you all the time.

By Blogger Rebecca, at 5:45 AM  

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